life is a vapor

Babyhood: blink and you miss it! My blog buddies who have been with me through (is it really?) three blogs in three years know that I had a baby last March. You might have read the multi-part birth story on my now deleted blog, Toward the Mark. I just can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. Eight months in baby time is so much faster than eight months of pregnancy.

My toddler, Jack, is very quickly turning into an extremely articulate little boy. That’s alright – it seems as though Harry might be looking at early toddlerhood here. In addition to having eight-going-on-ten teeth, eight-month-old Harry Beans is pulling himself to standing and making his way around the house. He has also mastered the inch worm creep. How many times will I slide him back away from the fireplace before he understands? Jack understood the word “no” a bit quicker but then again, he was a little older when I had to start using it.

So many, many people have looked at my children and told me, “It passes quickly: enjoy it.” One nice woman, upon seeing my little guys in the double stroller, said with a smile, “That was the best time of my life.”


2 thoughts on “life is a vapor

  1. Beth/Mom2TwoVikings says:

    LOL I usually get…”wow, you got your hands full!”

    This time is so hard. Can’t be their friend. Get tired of being the Enforcer. Can’t there be some where in between? LOL Where you can just go easy for a while and not have to worry about future behavior repercussions! LOL

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