What’s that?

A dime  – and a deer tick I pulled off of Jack after we went hiking here.

3 thoughts on “What’s that?

  1. Leigh Ann says:

    I am freaking out about ticks. I have found 4 on us so far this summer, but they are bigger that the one you found. I am afraid that I might miss one of the smaller ones.

  2. sara says:

    Anita, thanks! I always think it’s nice that you acknowledge our U.S. holidays. I’m sorry I missed Canada Day.

    Leigh Ann, I wouldn’t be so skeeved out if it weren’t for the fact that those deer ticks often carry Lyme’s Disease. I found that one in the picture hours after the official “tick check.” Jack just happened to get filthy again after we got home from hiking (he does that) so I gave him another quick bath and found that one in his groin. It looked like a bit of dirt or a mole. I swooped him up, laid him on my bed, grabbed the tweezers got it out. It was so small, I’m still not sure if it was even really attached. Your supposed drop the tick in alcohol, clean the bite site with alcohol, and save the tick in a baggy in the freezer until you’re sure there’s no reaction. AND, I found one on my ankle the next day. I really hope we got them hiking and not in my backyard. My area is not known for having ticks but you never know.

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