we are omnivores

We had to have the we-eat-animals discussion today.  It went OK I think. He was fantasizing about living on a farm and I said something about eating our own animals.  He said that we don’t eat animals.  I called him to sit next to me and told him that we do.  I almost began to panic when he said he wouldn’t eat them anyway.  I said, as gently as I could, that we do eat animals such as chicken and beef and pork.  I told him that it’s OK to be a little sad about it too, but that that is the way it is.*   Then he asked if we eat cows because of course at three and a half he hasn’t quite gotten that beef is a word (euphemism?) for cow.  He seemed satisified with all that until he asked a few minutes later if we eat people too.  I hope he was asking because I had just been pretend nibbling on his arm.  😀


*I respect people who choose or are forced by circumstance not to eat meat for whatever reason.  If a true moral objection ever arises in the lives of my children when they are old enough to think through the complexities of this issue, we will find a way to not injure their consciences.  In the mean time, my husband and I are the moral compass for our children and we lovingly guide them in what we believe is best for them.


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