never throw anything away

About once a year since we’ve been married, my husband has asked if he could please throw out my “granny cart.”  Every year I say something like, “Don’t you dare!  I’m going to use that again someday.”

When I was single and car-less and without a washing machine, I used a granny cart to shop and get to the laundromat.  After we were married, I used it a few times while we still lived in the city limits.  I haven’t had any call to use it since we moved to the suburbs.  While I am currently without a car at home (my husband takes it to get to work), the supermarkets that are within walking distance of my house are small, expensive and do not carry very good produce.  We walk there occasionally for little things, but since the kids are small, we usually use the stroller.  

Today I used the granny cart for the first time with the kids.  With the baby in a carrier on my back and the pre-schooler and I walking, we went to Staples.  (I forgot that today is the day before the first day of school.  The store was a little chaotic.)  It was a fun adventure and a trip that might have taken thirty minutes including shopping if I’d used a car, took two hours.  🙂


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