doctor & treehouse

Here’s my attempt at something only slightly more structured than a free-write.

We had a pediatrician’s appointment this past week.  Harry might have a speech delay, but we’ll wait another three months to see what happens.  His receptive speech is so good it amazes me, but apparently the four or five words he actually says are the bare minimum of what an eighteen-month-old should be expressing.  For whatever reason, I’m not really obsessing about this.  I guess he’ll talk sooner or later.  He communicates in a lot of other ways and he is very engaging and affectionate.  I’ve slowed myself down a bit to make sure that when he is trying to tell me something, I am “listening” to ward off any potential frustration on his part.  

He is so smart too.  He follows multi-step commands and he tells ME when something is out of place.  Yesterday, I put a floor lamp up on a dresser to get it out of my way while I did some chores.  When I put Harry down to nap in that room some time later, he wouldn’t let me leave until I’d taken the lamp back down.  He pointed and “uh-uhed” until I got his meaning.  A couple of days ago he threw his baseball cap into the (front-loading) washer, slammed the door, and then stood there and waited for the machine to start.  He was annoyed when nothing happened.  

I’d been worried for several weeks about the mole on Jack’s head.  My husband’s sister is recovering from a second go-round with melanoma, and she thought it looked a little suspicious.  The doctor said it’s benign so I feel better.  Now I’ll go back to worrying about the one on my own shoulder.  

My husband has been working for several weeks on a treehouse in our backyard.  Every nice morning that doesn’t have other claims on our time will find him and our little boys out there hammering and sawing and drilling and bolting and all those manly tool things.  They are using repurposed wood which we had been saving in our garage from when we dismantled our large deck to make more room in our small yard for the kids.

This treehouse is about four feet off the ground.  (We’ll show those neighbors who put in the privacy fence.)  The house is actually built around the tree, rather than in it.  John poured four (five?) cement footers to hold the support beams so the tree bares none of the weight at all.  It’s not done yet because, if you’ve ever tried working with the so-called help of children, you know it takes a bit longer than it would if you worked alone.  There is a really cool ramp leading up to the platform and eventually there will be two more walls, a ladder, a storage bin, more paint and maybe a roof.  

I think I have more to say but I’m starting to stumble over the thoughts and my cat is rubbing his face against the back of the laptop and I want to upload some photos and I think I just heard the baby get out of bed and I still have to unload and reload the dishwasher, so I guess I’m done for now.



4 thoughts on “doctor & treehouse

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Sara,
    You may not remember, but Nathan has been in speech for quite awhile. I was a little dubious of the procedures used, but I have to say there has been GREAT improvement. Guess that’s why they’re the specialists, huh? He has advanced well during this time. I have seen him go from using 3 to 5 words to almost full vocabulary.

    Do you have a scheduled appt. to check out your mole? If not, you know it wouldn’t be a bad idea. I have several moles. Seems moles are in my family genetics. I would have much rather had the musical genes!

  2. Debbie says:

    Oh, I had to come back and comment on those handsome boys! The pictures did not show up for me earlier and I just scratched my head wondering why you had written “wrong hat for horseback riding” and “showing off the lincoln logs” hehehehehee………

  3. sara says:

    Hi Debbie! Yes, I remember about Nathan – he had some eustachian tube issues too, didn’t he? I’m so glad to hear he’s doing well.

    No appointment for me yet. I’m using the excuse that I don’t understand my insurance company. I’ll get on it this week.

  4. Debbie says:

    Yes, he had numerous ear infections……one right after the other.

    Good to hear you’re going to take care of the mole. I have an appt. Thurs. one that I have been putting off for a long while. Wonder why we are so bad about taking care of ourselves???

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