Where does the sky end?

“Mom, does the sky go on forever?” asks Jack.

“I don’t know honey,” I reply honestly while trying to concentrate on the road ahead of me.

“Well, if you go straight up, does it go on forever?” he pursues.

“If you go straight up, you would wind up in outer space.  I don’t know if or where the universe ends.  I don’t think anyone does.  Except God.”

Satisfied with that answer he continues, “How does the sun get bigger?”

I explain again about the sun.  How we spin in place to make days and nights and how we revolve around to make months and years.  

“How does the globe spin?  Do you know?”

I mumble something about gravity and magnetic forces and let it drop.

“Hey Mom!  Did you see the steeple on that church?  It was beautiful.”


4 thoughts on “Where does the sky end?

  1. Anita says:

    The car is a great place to have talks with your kids because they can’t get away easily! We had many a good talk in the car. We were driving home from a day at the beach when we had a very good talk about the birds and the bees – one of the first in depth ones. I think it made it easier on ’em ’cause the didn’t have to look me in the eye when we got to the gushy stuff. I remember telling Alli that she should not go around talking about it to her friends because most parents preferred to be the ones to tell their kids…she gave me a look of horror and said “Don’t worry, I am NEVER telling ANYONE about that!”.

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