When Mama Bears Attack

We went to the playground today.  A boy about five years old waited until Harry, not quite two, had walked past him and then gave him a shove hard enough to knock him down.  I said, “Excuse me!  Please don’t push my baby!”  Well, you would have thought I’d set the boy on fire the way parents (who were previously engaged in NOT minding their children) came running; breaking it up as if it were a fist fight and not even making their child apologize.  Unbelievable.  I’d been watching this kid on the playground because he was aggressive and bully-ish to begin with.  I guess I should send my kids to public school to make them as mean as the rest of the kids in the park.  I’m sorry, but I am mad.  I teach my kids to be gentle with little ones.  I teach them to give way when someone cuts in line.  I teach them to share and to take turns.  I watch them closely.  But I am ready to teach my kids to kickbox.  I am definitely considering teaching Jack that if someone hits him, to turn the other cheek, but if someone hurts someone smaller and weaker, he should put their lights out.


6 thoughts on “When Mama Bears Attack

  1. Beth/Mom2TwoVikings says:

    LOL How funny that we wrote from two diff perspectives on this within 24 hours! LOL Your comment on my post is even funnier now! 🙂

    I’ve apparently temporarily misplaced your email (LOL) but I have a Q for you and wondered what you thought…

    Got into an interesting conversation with some church family this weekend and found out little known fact about my denomination…we aren’t suppose to swear oaths! (Wish someone would have TOLD ME! LOL) We can respond with “I do solemnly avow…” but no “I do solemnly swear…”

    Have you done any reading and/or research on this? If so, what’s your take?

  2. sara says:

    Yeah, I have issues about swearing too, but I won’t be legalistic about it. Go to biblegateway and look up something like “let your yes be yes” to see the Scriptural reasons why. I’ll email you later today – mopping floors now, lol.

  3. PearlsOfTruth says:

    Sara, I remember well many a trip to the playground. My children are now older – a young adult and a teen – and the mama bear in me is still as protective as ever!

    I have something to confess while I’m at it. My son (my oldest) was the worst little kid you could ever meet. From 18months to 3 years old he was a ‘shover’ and it didn’t matter who the kid was, he would push them over, hit ’em etc. I was driven nearly mad. I don’t know why he did such things and I sought help and advice from child clinical specialists etc. I envisioned him getting expelled from Grade 1, he was that bad. People and friends dreaded me coming anywhere with him, as their child ended up in tears. BUT, I knew and acknowledged his behaviour and always ‘attended’ to Nathan. I didn’t ignore it…

    Strangely, but pleasingly, this behaviour passed and once he hit primary school, he was a model-behaviour child – all the way through school.

    But, I have witnessed those parents who never take responsibility for their own kid’s behaviour and it is so annoying.

  4. sara says:

    Amanda, I was surprised at the kid’s behavior but not angry – truthfully, I was a pushy kid myself. I was really ticked at the parents though. Honestly, my attitude about it is not great and I am praying for them and the boy and that God will give me love for them.

  5. Leigh Ann says:

    I would have strung the kid up by his ears, especially if they went after Daniel, which kids have a tendency to do because he is “different”. Thankfully he is unaware of their meanness.
    I thought you weren’t online anymore. I have missed talking with you on facebook, but I can understand a decision to stay away from it.
    I am such a horrible communicater, but facebook helps me not to be a total hermit:-). And it helps me remember my s-i-l’s birthday. I am so bad, my family knows not to expect cards from me.
    Anywho, glad to get back in touch with you and read your thoughts. If it weren’t for people like you, my brain would turn to mush and ooze out my ear.

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