Getting back to normal

It is a relief to realize that I’m not as lazy as I thought.  I really did feel like bird poop while I was pregnant.  Now my drive for order and cleanliness is returning naturally and I find myself wiping down the toilet and mirror when I go to use the bathroom, sprinkling the kitchen sink with Comet, and insisting that my kids sit straight at the table.  

Now I just need John to go back to work so I can have my kitchen to myself again.  Too many cooks are spoiling the soup.  It’s been lovely having him, but I need to be queen of my own domain again. 

I am looking forward to all the things I was longing to do  but had no energy for:  painting and organizing and hanging curtains.  I might get carried away since I’ve been making this list in my head for months.  I need to paint the window frames in the living room and the hall stair risors and the kitchen; I have some sewing projects that need finishing up; some Christmas presents I’ve started to make; and several closets to clean out.  And that’s after I get rid of all the general dirt and clutter that’s been accumulating.  

Home school will be starting again soon too.  Jack is very happy about that.  And little two-year-old Harry says, “My too?”  Yes, Harry, you can do school too.  We have so many good books to read and science experiments to do in between bouncing the baby.  

This is the stuff that revs me up.   I love making my home clean and comfy and teaching my kids.  Glad I feel well enough to do it.


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