family life stuff

John’s been out of work for a couple of months now.  Actually, he’s just been on unpaid leave since Mother’s Day because the demands on his time were unreasonable and I needed him at home more toward the end of my pregnancy.  We’ve been living off of our emergency/car fund.  I guess I won’t be tooling around the neighborhood in a new minivan any time soon.    He has an interview on Tuesday and he has to give his old job an answer soon as to whether or not he wants to come back.  I’m praying for wisdom and the right open door.  

Baby Neil is doing very well.  He is making this annoying clicking sound when he nurses though.  I’m pretty sure it’s a bad latch that’s causing him to swallow a lot of air.  I’ve tried moving him around this way and that but I can’t seem to fix it.  You might think that I’d be able to figure this out as he is my third baby, but I’m at a loss.  Any ideas?  

Tomorrow we start school again.  We took some time off when my belly got so big that sitting, standing and lying down were uncomfortable.  We’re six weeks into the Sonlight kindergarten curriculum and we’re happy with it so far.   I’m looking forward to adding some more structure back into our lives.  I thrive on flexible routine, as do my kids.  

We’re thinking of going to the zoo today.  I’ll have to check the weather first to be sure we won’t be thunderstormed out.  It seems to have rained here almost every day, or maybe every other day, since April.


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