binky, snooli, bobo, passy, dummy, soother

With every baby I’ve thought that I’d like to avoid using a pacifier.  With my first, I wanted to avoid all things unnatural.  With my other two, I just wanted to avoid the eventual difficult weaning.  There’s nothing like getting up several times a night to put the pacifier back in the crib with the baby who threw it out of the crib just to get you to come into his room.  And I’m just not that bright apparently, because it took me a loooonng time to realize that these wide-eyed little lumps of sweetness were actually capable of doing such a thing intentionally.  

After being used as a living pacifier for the past several days, I went out to buy the plastic variety for my newest son.  I am particular about the brand:  I like MAM pacifiers.  Unfortunately, I have been having a hard time finding them this time around.  We’ve tried several other brands, including the ones they give you in the hospital, and he just doesn’t like them.  I am sure it’s because he is partial to the MAM pacifiers too and NOT because he wants to be perpetually attached to my breast for the next two years.  Anyway we finally found some today but they were the wrong size.  Did you know that they have sizes?  

I guess I’ll be blogging all things baby for awhile, huh?


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