I’m below my pre-pregnancy weight.  It comes off without me even trying when I’m nursing.  Now for the hard part:  I was overweight to begin with and I have to lose about forty pounds to be in a healthy range and fifty to look really good.  😉  

So how to go about it?  Well, I’ve heard that it’s all about using more calories than one consumes.  So I could eat less or exercise more.  I’d really rather not do either.  Are there really no other options?  Ideas? Suggestions?  C’mon people!


9 thoughts on “ppbbbttt

  1. Organizing Mommy says:

    All I know is: loose it before you turn 40. Uffda. Thanks for coming to my blog. I am trying to lose weight right now also. It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve had a baby, so I have no excuse. I prefer to exercise over eating a lot less, but unfortunately, I’ll have to do both!!

  2. Sue Bee says:

    Did you see Time magazine this week? The cover story is about how it is almost completely diet that determines weight loss, not exercise. Exercise actually stimulates hunger, making it harder to diet.

    To me, this is good news. I like fruits, veggies & whole grains and find working out booorrrrring.

    (p.s. Congrats on your baby!!!!)

  3. sara says:

    Dawn, you know what you are.

    Sue, Hi! and thanks for the info and the congrats. I’ll see if I can find that article. BTW, I like your summer list.

  4. Leigh Ann says:

    I didn’t realize you had been back blogging. I have been missing out.

    After seeing on fb today about ww and whole wheat pasta, I came over here. I need to lose 50 to be in the healthy range and 60 to look good. And I do want to look good, at least for one person;-).

    I am going to try to start eating clean. Lots of fruits and veggies. Lean protein. Water and NO COKE AND SWEET TEA! Eating out so much must stop. Really cutting down on the processed foods which will happen automatically when we stop eating out so much.

    And I know sleep plays a big role in making good decisions and suppressing hunger (hormones and all that). That is probably hard for you right now with a new baby, but that will come.

    Maybe we can lose together:-).

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