my son, the author, weatherman, prophet?

We were given four sentences describing two children playing in a sandbox when it begins to rain.  The assignment was to finish the story.*    Here is what my four-year-old son dictated to me.

“The rain made the road wet  The trees fell down.  The houses fell down.  The buildings fell down.  The skyscrapers fell down.

They made a stream.  Train stations got wet and the stream got flooded.

They went inside.  They took off their shoes.  They washed their hands.  They ate supper.

Then they took a shower.  Then they got dressed for bed.  Then they got read to.  Then they got lied down with.  Then they went to sleep.  Then their mother cleaned the kitchen.

Then it was morning.  They got up.  They ate breakfast.  They went outside to play again.  Then it started to snow.  The trees got covered in snow.  The buildings got covered in snow.  Everything got covered in snow.  The streams got made into ice.

The End”

*an assignment from week fifteen of the language arts section in Sonlight’s kindergarten curriculum.


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