my life unplugged

Giving up facebook has alerted me to the facts that I am not as funny as I thought and that I have a serious addiction to knowing what other people think of me.  Blech to both of those.  It turns out that all the witty status updates that I’d been inflicting on all my “friends” aren’t so witty when written down in a moleskine for my amusement alone.  I don’t even care that the spirals on my ham don’t go all the way up, why would you?

Before I deactivated my account – deactivated because I think you have to sell a pinky toe in order to be able to actually cancel it – I let everyone know I’d be leaving and to please send me their contact information if they had any real desire to keep in touch.  I suppose one or two might simply have not been checking facebook that week, but really the turnout was about what I expected.  My real friends, people with whom I have a rapport, and a few nut cases, sent me their info.  The folks who had friended me to see if I’d gotten fat just kept quiet.  Good for them.  And good for me.

Happily, I’ve been filling up my hours just fine with laundry and dishes.  I’ve also been working on a new way to bathe the baby.

Fatboy Gets a Bath



12 thoughts on “my life unplugged

  1. Organizing Mommy says:

    Oh, it sounds like a good decision. I am not overly fond of facebook. I have it, but I’m not addicted to it. Blogging is far more exciting, since you don’t have to communicate in yips and yaps, if you know what I mean. Connecting to real people is such a blessing. I’m always encouraged by your comments, and it seems like a relationship when you get to know people through blogging. Then again, blogging can be rather addicting also. I love the bath for fatboy.

    • sara says:

      Funny you say that about blogging relationships – all my blogging buddies made sure I have their contact information. 🙂 and yips and yaps is an apt description.

  2. Anita (unashamed) says:

    Oh that is priceless! You didn’t happen to get it on video, did you?

    I’m still fine with facebook, it’s my preferred method of communication with some people. I have been feeling like going back to blogging though. Been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now. Also thinking about whether I pick up where I left off on the old blog or just start fresh with a new one. We’ll see.

  3. Leigh Ann says:

    I haven’t cancelled Facebook, but I was off for about three days because I kept the computer in the cold living room and not under my warm bed. I didn’t get tons more done, but I liked not feeling the compulsion to check updates every few minutes. So I think the computer will have to stay in the cold living room.
    I do think you are extremely funny, but I expect that we have a very similar sense of humor.
    Okay, the cat licking the baby totally grosses me out. Markus keeps telling me that cats are very sanitary creatures, but I think I have a deep engrained phobia springing from the 26 odd cats that we had at one time growing up. I’m just saying.

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