a good day

I’ve been a mother long enough to be grateful that they sometimes sleep when they’re supposed to.  The baby has a trick of going to sleep at bedtime that amazes me every time he does it.  Of course when he doesn’t do it, I have the nerve to feel cheated.

All the work is done for the day and though I could manufacture some or get a jump on tomorrow, I think I’ll just enjoy this.  How rare this feeling is!  Today I worked at a reasonable pace, without frying myself and even found time for a small sewing project.  The kids and I had a pleasant afternoon reading time.  We enjoyed hot chocolate with smarshmallows in front of the tree with all the other lights off before bath and bed.

So this was a good day.  Not a perfect one.  I still had to choke back my temper and apologize for my tone and ask myself why I was getting upset over trivialities.  And it’s not lost on me that some of the reason today was so good was because I let my husband do some of the work.  He made lunch and tended the kids and was all round nice guy.  He’d probably do it everyday if I’d let him but my guilt and control freakishness would not allow that… but that’s another story for another day.


7 thoughts on “a good day

  1. Dawn says:

    I hear the cheated thing. I have such a good baby and when he’s going through a growth spurt or having an off day I get so frustrated. Its a struggle to remind myself that he won’t be tiny for very long and even the “bad days” are so few yet good ones.

    • sara says:

      A funny thought occurred to me today – I think I will probably rail against the too fast passing of these years and when they’re gone, I’ll probably feel cheated. 🙂

      • Dawn says:

        I’m always going to feel cheated of something – I’m my mother’s daughter after all – and who isn’t sad when you remember that an infant’s head smelled *good* but you can’t quite remember the smell? But appreciating it now will help when you (okay – I) look back…now I worry I won’t celebrate milestones for the same reason! lol

  2. Organizing Mommy says:

    Like your new look! I was just teasing you about being difficult! I like it when people are honest. Youth groups ARE hard. I’m just thankful there are SOME decent kids that my kids can have friends with. They have to have some friends, and at this point, they do not attend our church. The youth in the church? leaves some things to be desired.. So I hear ya. Just don’t want to offend the people in my church by mentioning it, since I know they are trying! Glad your husband could help today.

    • sara says:

      oh, don’t worry – I know you were teasing. And it’s true – I can’t just give a polite little comment but always have to add whatever slightly related thought enters my head. And for some reason, I’ve got this annoying habit of always playing devil’s advocate. I’m really not sure if that’s good or bad. A little of both maybe.

  3. Leigh Ann says:

    Love the Christmassy look! Glad you had a good day. I know about the guilty thing. Markus cleaned the bathrooms on Sat. and I felt so guilty. Why is it so hard to accept help?

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