hello Dolly

Hedda & shoulders

Hedda & shoulders

I wanted to learn how to make a 3D doll head.  I could figure out a pancake head pretty easy, but that’s not what I was envisioning. Hello Google. I found this site that has free instructions and patterns to make really wonderful dolls.  Two warnings:  English is not the artist’s first language and some of the dolls are a little on the sexy side. Hedda up there is my first attempt. She needs a some help with hair and makeup – a little plastic surgery on her chin wouldn’t hurt either.  What’s that?  A body?  I suppose.

I bought absolutely nothing new for this, though it did not really diminish my craft stash in any significant way.  My supplies included some old socks, cut up for stuffing, 1/2 of a Q-tip, a scrap of an old worn out sheet that I had saved because you never know when you might need a scrap of an old worn out sheet, a hole-y undershirt dyed with tea and coffee and mauve Rit Dye for the “skin,” a piece of white felt from my kids’ craft supplies, brown yarn from the stash, felt tipped markers, needle and thread yada yada.

If I were going to do this for real, I’d invest in some sturdy fabric to replace the sheet scrap, and some proper stuffing – those two things would probably make a big difference in the outcome.  All of the other supplies I used were just fine.


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