Granny’s grannies

When my grandmother moved to Tucson several years ago, she gave me most of her crochet supplies, including these little red and white granny squares.  I’ve been putting off joining them because there aren’t enough for a full size blanket, I don’t have any white, and the red is nearly impossible to match.

Today I took the plunge and just started joining them with brown.  I don’t hate it.  And I guess it will be big enough for a doll’s blanket.


6 thoughts on “Granny’s grannies

  1. Dawn says:

    Nice! George has part of a blanket that his mom never finished in the basement somewhere. It’s too much for me to think about even looking at it right now – but when I do I’ll call you for advice ;p

  2. sara says:

    My advice will be to ask Jeannette for the instructions she sent me months ago for how to join squares – the instructions I’m not using because I can’t find them and was too impatient in the moment that I wanted to start to wait to ask because of course I’ve had these squares for years but now could not dream of waiting a day or two to get proper directions

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