blue and white grannies

These are about six or seven inches.  (The red ones were only about three inches.)  I’m following the patterns, if not the colors from this Christmas present from my husband.

I am again using Sugar ‘n Cream.  Man, I have a lot of that stuff!  That’s good, because I like it.  I’m using an F hook, which is a little small, because I like  tight and bunchy rather than big and holey.

I hope to do a square or two every week, in a variety of colors, and join them together, one day before the end of the year.


4 thoughts on “blue and white grannies

  1. Dawn Spatta says:

    Ech. I betcha I have both in the house and didn’t even notice the different names. I’m the person they confuse when they aim at confusin’. I like your idea about making a blanket with that. And about using whatever color strikes you (in the spirit of stash busting, that is). I think I’m gonna get something in motion here….

    Also – you did a great job changing colors! Its a nuisance, though, I know! I’m trying out different ways of doing it and afraid that the only way I’ll find out I did something wrong is a year from now when all my work unravels!

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