Doll arms complete!

But that's MY sun spot!

Hedda & I holding hands

Just out of curiosity, where DOES the kingy keep his armies?


6 thoughts on “Doll arms complete!

  1. Organizing Mommy says:

    What a fun blog! Is this a new blog, or did you change your site?

    About “Melissa”–I figured many could relate. The problem is–I want to help her, and I’m not even sure where to start. What would you say/ do to comfort her?

  2. sara says:

    Hey, OM! New blog. The old one is sleeping for awhile.

    Y’know, the only thing I can think of is to keep it real and honest and tell her about Jesus and how much she is truly loved, how precious she is. Make yourself available for a relationship. That can be really hard and emotionally taxing when dealing with someone who is coming from where she is coming from. She might spend a lot of time trying to figure out your “angle.” She might be manipulative. But I still say build a relationship. I know this is not very insightful and it’s all stuff you already are doing and maybe is not specific enough… but I hope you feel encouraged.

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