a pretty granny square and thoughts on crafting

I love what I do here at home. In addition to just loving being around these sweet, interesting humans,  I get to work at making a comfortable, safe, pleasant place for my family and myself.  I love using the resources God has given me to the best of my ability.  I love learning to steward my resources well.

Crafting is turning out to be a wonderful component to this home-life.  It isn’t just a way to make something for my home or family, although it is that – it is also one of the ways I am able to keep myself thinking and growing and learning.  I acquire new skills and try to make something from “nothing.”

As most of you know, the day-to-day tasks of homemaking can be repetitive:  everyday I cook and clean in some form or other.  So, it is very comforting to be able to do, make, think about something different and challenging.  It is wonderful to finish even a small granny square and say, “There, that’s done!”

Crafting perhaps is not as high a priority as nutritious meals prepared regularly, and crafting might not be as important as reading good books, but I believe that creating, crafting, making useful and or attractive things, which could perhaps be easier bought, helps to keep us connected to our homes and ourselves, it give us a bit more humanity.

I love completing a craft, but I love the process too.  When the craft is a pleasurable activity in itself and not only a means to an end, it leaves the realm of the mundane and becomes something spirit-lifting.  We are not merely drones made for work and constant productivity – we need time to think and pray and rejuvinate.  And some of us need time to create.


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