strange things to make with crochet

I braved nausea today by crocheting in the car.  Then I was so excited by what I was making that I gripped a ball of yarn under my arm and crocheted while holding the baby in a back carrier and while following my kids around an indoor playground.  Then, because car and playground crocheting do not generally produce good results, I made it all over again when I got home.  And then I lined it.  And added a button.  And TA-DA!  camera case


7 thoughts on “strange things to make with crochet

  1. Dawn says:

    #1 How jealous am I that you can crochet in the car!!!
    #2 We went to a play place today, too! Inflatables. I could skip it but G3 and G4 seemed to dig it. Got bruises on ma knees, man.
    #3 SO PURTY! Did you follow a pattern or make it up?
    #4 You lined it!! How did you do that?!?

  2. sara says:

    I was pretty nauseous at times but I pressed on! It was easier than reading in the car but I don’t recommend it for anyone who gets serious carsickness.

    The case is just four basic granny squares crocheted together, so no real pattern.

    I lined it by cutting and sewing a piece of fabric into a pouch the same size as the crocheted one. Then I put it inside the crocheted pouch, wrong sides together, and stitched it all around the top in tiny stitches with a thread that matches the lining.

    When you’re ready to open your own place, let me know – I have some suggestions.

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