my personal space

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my craft room this week, but there’s not a lot of photo value in what I’ve been doing.

I finished up a project more than five years in the making:  these very cute all-in-one fitted diapers.  What took so long?  Sewing through PUL and hook & loop tape keeps shredding my thread and I’m not smart enough to figure out how to stop that so I just have to keep re-threading.  Frustrating and slow.  But I got it done.  I will be making a new set in large for my large baby, but I think I’ll skip the PUL.

I’ve also been organizing my 2009 photos.  Printing, cutting, dating, naming.  I took a lot of pictures this last year.  And don’t tell me I should just have it done online – it’s too late for that.  🙂

That’s me.  In my craft room.


10 thoughts on “my personal space

  1. Dawn says:

    So I’m thinking I want to crochet a little strip with thread so that I can dangle a coupla those hearts from. Any ideas on how I can even search for a pattern? Edgings, maybe?

  2. Organizing Mommy says:

    Good grief! Finally a picture of my most loyal follower. What a treat! Now smile next time, OK? Yes, you are pretty. This is your mother. Smile. Just kidding about the mother thing.

    Good job on those diapers. Cute baby. How fun!

  3. Dawn says:

    And I thought to hang them vertically – not horizontally – so perhaps a string of dc’s and then somethin’ purty from an edging pattern. Thanks! 🙂

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