diapers again

I finally got around to making some large diapers.  These are also made with the Very Baby pattern but I used some alternative fabrics.  The inside and the absorbent middle are made of 100% cotton flannel rather than birdseye and the outside is some thin, cheap cotton that I found at a discount store rather than PUL.  I only put hook & loop tape on one of the four diapers I made because, honestly, the convenience of using it does not outweigh the inconvenience of sewing it on – I find Snappi to be a wonderful closure.

Since I did not use PUL as an outer layer on these diapers, I sometimes use a cover.  Wool soakers are breathable and yet keep moisture from leaking all over the place.

In case you needed proof that crafting can be ugly here is a wool soaker that I made a long time ago from a thrift store felted sweater.  It did an adequate job as a cloth diaper cover but was too tight around the legs and not high enough in the waist.  So I added crocheted ribbing.  I’d almost rather not share this with you because it is so sloppy but it IS what I’ve been working on and it does work.

I promise to start mixing up the crafts here soon – enough of the diapers already.


3 thoughts on “diapers again

  1. Organizing Mommy says:

    Now that reminds me of a hilarious post that PW put on her homeschooling page. They daughter of a friend wanted to get a thong, and her parents refused to let her get one, so she knit one–a wool one. They could always tell when she was wearing it “cuz she had a little more hitch in her giddyup”

    LOL. that being said, I’m sure the inner layers are not wool, are they?

    Anyway, there are soft wools out there. Good resourcefulness, though.

    • sara says:

      No, no the soaker just goes over the cloth diaper – it never touches skin.

      I read that PW post. Funny stuff. When I was a teenager I wouldn’t zip up my weather-inappropriate leather jacket but at least I never made myself wool underpants.

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