a little red and yellow granny square

Each March I go to examine the lilac bushes to see that yes, there they are, the teeny tiny buds that will open to my favorite garden flower in a few months.  “All Nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres.”

We’ve been spending time outdoors and the cabin fever twitches are beginning to leave my little ones as they are once again able to yell and whoop without my shushing them.  Once again they can do their best to turn my yard into one big mud pit.

coaxing some forsythia into early bloom

The square foot garden has been weeded, has gotten a new trellis and new dividers.  It’s just waiting for the rain to stop so I can plant some peas.  I wish you could see me because my smile is so big I’m practically giggling.

The snow is melted away in most places and the night is wet and blustery as March, the lion, should be.  I’m still crafting, albeit slowly.  All this fresh air has been making me very sleepy.  Soon, very soon, I will snuggle into bed and listen to the crazy wind blowing through the still-bare trees and knocking around the garbage pails.  Thank you, God.


5 thoughts on “springadingding

    • sara says:

      I thought the post was OK, but it sounded like you wanted to address something specific but were not able to for one reason or another.

  1. Organizing Mommy says:

    I REALLY appreciate your feedback. Do not ever be afraid to speak the truth. The Lord convicted me of my sin. My blog is not going to be my soapbox in my “issues”. I want it to be light hearted and upbeat. Anyway, I have a better one up there.

    I probably did have something specific, but I could not get to the bottom of it, and I thought writing would help. NExt time, I won’t hit PUBLISH.. LOL

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