Does this look like a poppy? Good enough for a 3-yr.-old?

I just finished reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum to my children.  I knew that if my five-year-old was not frightened by it, he would really like it.  I was right.  In spite of some really violent happenings in the book, it is not nearly as scary as I remember the movie being.  He’ll have to wait a few years before he can watch that.

What I didn’t count on was that my almost-three-year-old would not only understand it, but would like it even more than his brother does.  Until very recently, this child was very, very busy during reading time and very much an interrupter.  Fortunately, he’s also a snuggler, so he’d sit still for stories as long as he was in my lap – usually.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when this kid whose speech is still somewhat baby-garbled, began to narrate this book after every chapter!

So now, his birthday is this week and guess what kind of cake he wants.  Of course.  So, I’ve been asking questions about what exactly I can get away with here.  No yellow brick road made out of Starburst for him.  No, no.  He wants all the main characters, poppies AND the Emerald City.  Funny too is that when I showed him stills from the film he wanted to know why Dorothy was “big” because she’s supposed to be a little girl.

And so I began to play with marzipan.  Fun!  and sticky!

I know today’s post had nothing to do with stash busting.  Sorry; I have a hard time staying on topic.  🙂


2 thoughts on “poppies

  1. Jena (Organizing Mommy) says:

    I’d frame it. The first thing I said when I saw this was, “Where does she live where poppies are blooming already?”

    Truly a work of art. And what a blessing that the kids will sit and listen to you read AND comprehend! Are they Einsteins? Sounds like you are an awesome mama.

    • sara says:

      Aww shucks. thanks.

      It really is a blessing and a new thing for me. Before the Christmas break, school was a little chaotic with trying to find things for my toddler to do that weren’t too disruptive and now it’s like he’s an honest to goodness participant. I am amazed.

      I think they’re bright but not geniuses or anything – but kids are just such incredible sponges.

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