Ta DA! Completed granny square blanket

It’s all cotton, it’s made up of all different squares and joined with ecru, it’s not perfect and I like it a lot.

cotton granny square


Now with the teensy blibs and blabs left over, I’ve been practicing a checkerboard technique described to me by Dawn of the Neglected Blog.

checkerboard washcloth

Her description called for all single crochets but I’ve been using a single, double pattern because they are going to be used as washcloths and I like my washcloths nubby.


5 thoughts on “Ta DA! Completed granny square blanket

  1. Dawn says:

    YAY! Love the blanket! In the year 2020 (when I complete all *my* squares) you can teach me your joining method.

    I really like the checkered washcloths, too. You may have finally inspired me to use the tons of cotton yarn I have THATS JUST TOO PRECIOUS TO USE. *sigh*

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