Mud is the answer

Well, much to my surprise, the work involved in tending three children is not all that similar to having three children who walk.  All those older moms whose knowing smiles and sympathetic head tilts  I shrugged off because three children were not so hard, have my apologies. I am so happy with every milestone, but I am tired.  I just can’t keep up.  I actually let the baby unshelve an entire case of books just so I’d have time to pay the bills.

And apparently, my older two think that Mommy’s bathroom break is the signal to throw wild parties.  My three-year-old is artless and brazenly breaks the rules when I’m not looking, but my five-year-old is excellent at keeping the letter of the law.  “You only said not to hit the cats.  You didn’t say I couldn’t chase them around the house and into the closet.”

So, how is it I have time to type this now?  Mud.  They have been out in the yard for about four hours now.  During the first two they played in the sprinkler and during the last three they played with the mud.  You do the math.

Now excuse me, I have to go hose off my very muddy monkeys.


6 thoughts on “Mud is the answer

  1. Leigh Ann says:

    I am forseeing my future in this post:-). I loved mud as a kid. Mud is our friend. Now you need to read Arnold Lobel’s Small Pig to them. I love him talking about “sitting down, and sinking down into the good, soft mud”.

  2. sara says:

    Well, we love Frog and Toad, so we will check that out!

    They were so cute, painting with mud and cheap brushes, exploring “caves”, climbing “mountains” building canals and ponds – all in our very small yard. They even brought me “edelweiss” from the top of a mountain. When they finally began to fight almost five hours later, it was easy to cheerfully say, “OK, time to come in!”

    Speaking of soft mud, J described it just that way: “Mom, the mud was soo soft. So, so soft.”

  3. Anita says:

    Ohhhh. Even as a kid I hated getting my hands dirty and so I deprived my kids of the joy of mud. I am going to let my grandkids tramp through the mud all they want.

  4. kimberlyloomis says:

    Haha! Just yesterday my son found the one lone puddle of muddy water on the property and splashed in it to his heart’s contentment. I wanted to care about the dirt, but I just couldn’t. Time he spent jumping was time I wasn’t spending running.

    Hope it stays warm a bit longer so you might continue to enjoy more muddy days. 🙂

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