1.  One of the nicer memories I have from childhood is a crowd of women in my grandmother’s basement kitchen making gingerbread houses.  They tell me it was a tradition the family regularly observed but I really have only one, possibly composite, remembrance of laughing, shouting ladies trying to figure out which piece is which.  Maybe that was the last time they did it or maybe that was the only time I was allowed to be there or maybe my brain took the best of several occasions and wove them together.  At any rate, I don’t think anyone in the family still does it.

2. Every year for the past few years my mom has given us a pre-made gingerbread kit.  They’re easy and a lot of fun to do with little kids.  The cookies are a little bland, but as long as it’s sweet, the children don’t seem to mind.

3. This year I decided to make the real thing.  I even let the kids think they’re helping.

4. I really like the smell of the gingerbread more than I like the flavor.  It’s much nicer than scented candles.

5. I wonder what frankincense and myrrh smell like.  In my imagination, they’re spicy and strong like ginger and cloves.

6.  My oldest wants everyone to know that we lit a candle inside the house to light up the “stained glass” windows in the house.  We should have used Christmas lights.

7. I used this site to guide me in our first homemade gingerbread house.

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4 thoughts on “gingerbread

  1. Dawn says:

    LOVE IT! Great stained glass windows – such a clever idea.

    We’ve been heating up cloves and cinnamon (actually – it’s 100 year old ‘pumpkin spice’ that I would have thrown out otherwise) and it makes the house smell quite nice. And – well- we need that, here ;p

    Next trip to the craft store pick up some flameless tea lights!

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