morning diet

I thought I was clever and wise and now find myself having to follow my own advice.  A friend was lamenting the bad start her day had gotten and I told her that mornings are like diets:  one mistake doesn’t have to ruin a whole day.  I was talking about an argument or loss of temper or some other thing that needs to be repented of and moved past, but it could be anything really.  So now I have a day with a late start and the sun is shining full blast and the kids are still eating breakfast and the coffee is just starting to seep into my brain and there is so much work to do, but by God’s grace, what needs to get done will get done, right?  And haste makes waste.  And being cranky doesn’t add more hours to the day.

So, redeeming the time?  Can that involve the Vivaldi roaring triumphantly from the computer?  And the baby dancing?  And the silly song we made up while still in bed about it being a wonderful day?  And the husband who works nights and got up anyway to help us get started and made us sunny yellow eggs before slinking happily back to bed?  And the intentional noticing of happy noisy boys?  Yes.  And making sure they see my smile.  And taking the time I think I don’t have to write it down.

His mercies are new every morning.  Every minute too, I think.

Right now I am being deeply influenced by the book, One Thousand Gifts:  A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience.


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