Ambleside IHIP

I just dropped off my IHIP at the school district office.  I included the things the law requires, but not necessarily everything we’ll be studying this year.  I’m using Ambleside Online, year 2.  Some things which are on my personal weekly schedule but not on the IHIP include Bible, catechism and nature study.  I could have included any and all of them, but decided to simplify my life.  I also worry that the more I include, the more they  will expect from me and from future homeschoolers.

Since I won’t know for ten days whether or not the school district believes my form is in compliance with the law, it is perhaps premature for me to share my IHIP with the world, but Brandy has been writing about fulfilling California requirements and I’m anxious to share what we do here in New York.

So here it is, my Individual Home Instruction Plan.


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