My Own Boss

I feel really content today.  Because the new-to-their-room blackout curtains helped the kids to sleep to a reasonable hour.   Because they didn’t even wake when I sneaked past their room in the morning and I got eight whole minutes to myself.  Because Husband has a job interview.  Because we got our first offer on the house.  But mostly it’s because, though I love having my husband around and we work well together, having him out of the house for several hours means I’ll be able to once again direct my own schedule.  It’s going to be a glorious day.

I love the cover my mom made for the Kitchen Aid.

Who IS that masked floppy-haired boy?

I’m going to do “fun school” which mostly just consists of reading to the kids; I’m going to finish the third act of Hamlet; I’m going to finish crocheting my heart scarf using these hearts; I’m going to try out a recipe or two from my new bread book; I’m going to make something yummy and heart-shaped for my husband; and I’m going to cut my oldest son’s hair.  Too ambitious?


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