She Was Somebody’s Baby Once

I’ve said before that God has used motherhood to draw me to Him.  I believe He continues to use this vocation of mine to work in my life.  At the risk of sounding all holier than thou, I’d like to share a weird shift in perspective that I’ve recently been experiencing.

Motherhood and my desire that my own children be seen as persons and not images or objects or body parts or irredeemable villains or cogs in anyone’s wheel is changing how I look at other people.

There are these images in the news, entertainment and advertising of “sexy” people, but what I’m seeing is someone’s child.  That young woman on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is somebody’s little girl.  That “hunk” of an actor is some mother’s son.  I’ve always believed that, but now I’m really beginning to see it – involuntarily, though not unwillingly.  It sort of ruins any fantasy I might once have indulged.

It’s not just my view of sexy that’s changing either.  The crazy guy and the scary disenfranchised teenager?  Once they were babies with a world of potential.  Mingled with my fear of these people is something like sadness or compassion.  Regret maybe.

Men and and women might be handsome or pretty or crazy or scary and a long list of other things, but that is not all they are and they are not mere images upon which I can apply my own ideas.


5 thoughts on “She Was Somebody’s Baby Once

  1. kari says:

    Oh…such good thoughts. I don’t think I’ve ever carried the thinking to that extent…I know I’ve btdt in regard to the crazy and the disenfranchised and the scary, yes – but never in this…but I will now!

    Thanks for your willingness to share your heart in this! I find it convicting!

    • sara says:

      And ya know what else, Kari? Thinking this way takes the “satisfaction” out of being judgmental too. It’s hard to label someone a slut when you see them as a person.

      BTW, I can’t figure out how to comment on your blog, but I wanted you to know that I’ve been reading. 🙂

      • kari says:

        “Thinking this way takes the “satisfaction” out of being judgmental too.”
        I think you’re right.
        And I think I need to think like this more often. 😦

        Thanks for following our crazy life! 🙂
        I shut off comments, except under the Contact tab, for a while. Mainly for all the comments I *never* get…keeps my feelings from getting hurt. Silly, I know. Prideful, too, probably. But, for the moment, a bit necessary for my overtaxed brain and heart!

  2. kimberlyloomis says:

    Very interesting post. I think you’re absolutely right on about the ability to be label, the complacency and contentment in engaging in it, stemming from the ability to depersonalize the person in front of us. Sometimes it feels like survival to do so, other times it’s a place of sadness that can immediately take away the ability of forgetting ours and that other person’s humanity.

  3. Diane says:

    It’s truly amazing the way motherhood changes one…. or perhaps I should say, the potential motherhood has for changing one, eh?
    Thanks for visiting my blog:)

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