I Wouldn’t Trade My Life for Diamonds or Jewels

I ask my husband, “How far did you say it was?”  “Three… Let’s just say three thirty,” he answers.  We’ve moved three hundred thirty miles from our old home.  From middling affluent suburbia to mixed bag rural.  I miss it a bit I guess.  I miss our neighbors and the familiar.  I miss the ocean, though for the past ten years I’ve claimed to hate the beach.  But

I love it here.  I have loved watching the corn grow up this summer.  And seeing the purple, pink, yellow and white spring wildflowers give way to  queen anne’s lace and then to goldenrod and now to some beautiful unknown-to-me purple brush.  I love the neighbors’ cows and horses.  I love the deer.  And great blue herons!  And the sky – sometimes it seems too perfect to be real – it is dynamic art.  I can see the stars here.  When the moon is full, it lights up the whole house.  I hope it never gets old.

And the people.  Well, I guess people are people, so maybe I’m the one who is different.  But the people SEEM more comfortable and real and welcoming.  I mean that there doesn’t seem to be a defensiveness or wall around them.  They just are who they are.  But again, it’s probably me who has changed.  For so long I have been afraid of seeming nosy and I have assumed that any attempt on my part to be friendly would be unwelcome.  And sometimes my fears have been confirmed.  But for some reason, it doesn’t bother me so much any more.  I am letting me be me and some people will like me and some people won’t and and sometimes I say and do stupid or goofy things and that’s all OK.  Especially since you Christians out there have to love me whether you like me or not.  🙂  God made me a warm and silly and optimistic person, so that’s who I’m going to be.  Maybe it was the move to the country that has made the change in me or maybe my forties are catching up with me, but whatever… I’m content.

So, my prayer requests are for my husband to find work and that he would know how much God loves him (and we do too!) and that God’s will be done in our search for a permanent house.  I’m praising God too, that our landlady is a sweet and interesting Christian who was willing to rent to us with our kids and our cats.


6 thoughts on “I Wouldn’t Trade My Life for Diamonds or Jewels

  1. Holly says:

    Yes, the stars! The kids are still so surprised! 🙂 Can’t wait ’til summer to enjoy them more fully.

    I think you’re right, too, about country people. I have found the same thing. Just so much more friendly.

    Has your husband found work?

    I’ll be praying for you – as you continue to settle in. It takes a long time, I think.

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