Winter Blues

I guess I’m doing a lot of participating this week.  It’s good – I’m not a leader.  Today I’m taking part in Jen’s Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

1. I thought I was introverted and I was OK with that, but maybe I really am just socially awkward.  Yesterday some friends stopped by to drop off some things.  It seemed like a hit and run, but when I talked to my husband later he said I should have offered coffee.  Duh.  Now I’m so embarrassed I may never open the door again.  Just writing about this publicly feels like a confession.  I’m guessing it’s not normal to dwell on this, but that’s what I’m doing.

We gave at the office.

We gave at the office.

2. Today I heard my three-year-old and five-year-old arguing and they used the words “I hate you.”  My heart just dropped – it made me so sad. Of course I corrected them, but still

3. Whose idea was it to move to western NY?  I am done with winter.  I’m so ready for daffodils.



4. The bank accepted our offer on a short sale, but the loose ends are taking time.  And in the meanwhile, the first house we were renting was sold so we are now in our second rental in one year.   It’s a much bigger and nicer house than the first but…

5. Renting is no fun.  Every time I turn around I’m saying things like, “Don’t climb that tree, it isn’t ours,” or “That doorknob you’re hanging on belongs to Mr. So-and-so, we must be careful not to break it.”

6. Taking photographs seems to help me make the house look nicer – not really because I’m trying to stage the photos, but something about looking at familiar things through a kind of frame helps me to see things that are out of place or unattractive.


stuff out of place

stuff out of place

stuff not out of place

stuff not out of place

7. I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, through the snow and the slush and the sleet.


2 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. Hevel says:

    Those first “I hate you” exclamations will hopefully be the last ones. It takes a little while for the children to really learn what their words mean.

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