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For reasons only slightly within our control, we’ve been relocated now for eight months and we’re still waiting for a closing date on the house we’ve chosen.  In the mean time we’re now in our second rental since getting here.  This rental house is way cool though.  And it doesn’t feel indulgent or like bragging to tell you this, because it’s not mine.  😉

First of all this is a well-maintained old house, so it has beautiful details.


Are these called mullioned windows?  I think that only refers to panes separated by lead, but maybe I’m wrong.  Anyway, there are two of them.


And there is woodwork.


And one lovely old hinge that was left behind after all others were replaced.

IMG_3181Panels under the stairs.  I’d love to pry one off and see if anything is hidden in there.

IMG_3180 I’ve seen pocket doors before, but never one that slides smoothly as this one does.

This house seems to have undergone two big remodels – a minor decorative one in the 1980s and a major overhaul in the 1960s.  The redo in the 60s gave the house built in bathroom magazine racks, and tissue holders and toothbrush panels that are “hidden” in the wall.


In the kitchen there are several of these little cabinets in the wall to hold wax paper and paper towels and I can’t figure out what else.

There are miles of counters, with electrical outlets conveniently spaced above them.  A gas start fireplace – IN THE KITCHEN.  What I can’t figure out is, if there is natural gas in the house, and there has been for a long, long time, why did they choose an electric range?

IMG_3195 IMG_3196

Yes indeed, it does open and closed at the press of a button.

The best part about this house is that it’s so much better than we were looking for, than we expected, than we would have settled for.  We were afraid that we might not find anything at all.  It was the ONLY thing available that met our crazy criteria – no lease, cats OK, kids OK, backyard, low crime.  And it’s right across the street from our church.


3 thoughts on “Take a tour

    • sara says:

      Maybe a weekly post, “Houses I have known.” I’d have to go back to Queens, though, and take pictures in OZ. Not a bad idea, actually. We have some business to attend to there soon and maybe I could get together with Genna – and steal her away to the boonies. 😉

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