Kids’ Chores

Jen at Conversion Diary is hosting a write-every-day-this-week-challenge.  I’ve got a fear of commitment, but I’m trying.


A woman who lives 3000 miles away from me got my house clean.  Thank you, Brandy for the MOTIVATION to get organized before our new school year begins.  I actually read her blog post to my children just to prove that I am NOT the meanest mommy in the world and that other people have standards of hygiene and discipline similar to my own.  I think that really made an impression on them.

Brandy’s format is just so logical, I nearly smacked my own head for not figuring it out on my own.  You’ll notice that, because I can’t draw,  my chore chart ain’t* so purty*  or creative as Brandy’s, but I still felt that it should be a little better than merely utilitarian – so I used nice card stock, a fancy font, colored ink, and a little hand watercoloring to jazz it up.  Bestly,* my kids are just expecting that chores get done before fun.  That’s after only a few days, so whew!

Now the six- and eight-year-olds  are throwing rocks down by the creek, so they’re not any more weird or annoying than they were before I started putting them to work, plus, like I said, MY HOUSE IS CLEAN, so I guess we’ll continue with child labor.  I hope it continues to go so well after we start school in September.

*I reserve the right to invent words and to slang it up willy nilly. 



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