Baking Bread

Jen at Conversion Diary is hosting a write-every-day-this-week-challenge.  I’ve got a fear of commitment, but I’m trying.

I’ve been learning to make artisan bread via a Craftsy class taught by Peter Reinhart.  It’s a paid online class, with multiple video lessons that can be watched indefinitely, a platform for asking questions, downloadable text to accompany the videos, and really good quality instruction.  I’m not sure how many hours of instruction it is, but it seems like a lot.  I think I got mine on sale.

My first attempt was applause-worthy.  My second attempt was better than anything you can buy in my area.


I got cocky with the third batch and tried experimenting.


  • Ech. The razor I used to slash the tops got caught in the dough and deflated them –  I probably waited too long to slash.
  • The linen napkins I tried to use as a couche stuck to the bread because I didn’t realize I wasn’t supposed to actually BAKE in them.
  • The sandwich bread stuck to the inside of the non-stick loaf pan, but still came out pretty nice.
  • The little rolls I let my four-year-old make all ran together during baking.
  • Bonus:  my children did not like a warm sliced baguette spread with butter and a piece of dark chocolate – no matter how great French kids think it is.
Sandwich bread isn't too bad in spite of sticking to the pan.

Sandwich bread isn’t too bad in spite of sticking to the pan.

On the positive side, I put toppings on one of the (supposed) baguettes – sacrilege, I know – and it is very tasty in spite of having had its bottom crust ripped off by a napkin.


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