Beautiful Blogs

I have read a lot of criticism of those genuinely pretty blogs for not being “real” enough. Why is it that when a woman creates something lovely, be it a blog or a photo vignette, or even her entire home, other women aren’t happy until she’s exposed as a fraud?  As if by creating something beautiful, she has somehow lied about the entirety of her life.  It’s the kind of debunking usually only reserved for Christopher Columbus and the Founding Fathers.  Is this sexism?  If a man published a picture of his tomato garden, I wonder if folks would say, “Yeah, but you should see his bathroom.”

Blogs are not real life.  They are a tiny facet.  If I post a picture of a flower, I am not denying the trash can.  I am choosing to focus on the flower because trash cans are ugly.

There are plenty of reasons to blog and plenty of different kinds of blog.  Personally, I like to read pretty, cheerful, homey blogs – not saccharine, mind you, and not propaganda or hate wrapped in cinnamon buns.

Everyone poops, but unless there is a medical emergency, I don’t need to read a blog about it.  I have enough of my own poop to deal with, I don’t need to see yours.  And unless you can be really funny about it – and some people can be – I don’t want to read about it.


8 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogs

  1. heathermama says:

    love! you know, soulemama wrote about this a few years ago. she gets loads of flake for not being “real” of the things she said was, it helps her remember that even on the crappiest of days there was a touch of beauty, goodness. and it helps her focus. i can appreciate that. i know life is messy, because i have a life! lol

    • Sara McDaren says:

      I’ve been following some of the conversations around in circles and trying to stay out of the fray. 🙂

      And now I feel a tiny bit guilty for not being more clear – I mean sharing our sorrows can be a good thing. But so is sharing our joys, even the little ones.

    • nicole spring says:

      That Soulemama post was one of my favorites! I think my posts have been too negative the past year or so b/c I was afraid that I was coming across fake by only posting the good that I see. Now I am coming to realize that no one – especially not myself – wants to read that! We all need those reminders of beauty and kindess ❤

      • Sara McDaren says:

        Sometimes we just need to share what’s on our minds – and sometimes that’s sadness, sorrow, pet peeves, etc. But it’s always good to come out the other end of that tunnel.

  2. kirsten says:

    if i’m taking a photo of pencils, or bread or whatever, you can bet I sweep the crumbs (and breakfast dishes) out of the shot. and blur the background enough to hide the other ‘junk’ that i don’t want you to see. i am trying to find the beautiful in my life.

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