It’s a rock. I think.

What do you call a rock studier?  Is that a geologist?  OK, if any geologist happens to happen upon this blog will you please tell me:  what is this weird thing my son found in the creek?






4 thoughts on “It’s a rock. I think.

  1. Natural Historian says:

    Hi, I think I can help a bit. It is a rock but it’s not just a rock, it is definitely a fossil so it is a form of mineral deposit of what used to be a living thing. In this case you have a small coral in which the parts have been replaced with minerals but leaving behind the very clear outline of the coral individuals that made up what would have been a hard coral (as opposed to a soft coral type). I’m not too good with my fossil corals but this is somewhat similar to the fossil corrals that are commonly found on beaches in northern Michigan (Petosky area most famously). I expect that in northern NY you are probably also near some of what used to be a massive corral reef that is buried under much of the upper midwest. Your son has found a small piece of this reef coral that has broken off and been transported downstream making it nice and smooth. A very nice find really. In fact there its worth a few buck if you look in eBay for similar items. best wishes with the homeschooling and blessing to you. Joel

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