Gonna Dig a Hobbit Hole

We went to the library today and each of the three boys were allowed to pick a single book .  My oldest, as usual, went for non-fiction.  The four-year-old settled on Doctor Seuss.  But my middle guy, who has a hard time making a decision when there are too many options, just kept pinballing around and around.  He finally told me that he was looking for a book for me to read to him that was like “the one we’re almost done with.”

We’ve been reading The Hobbit for the first time.  In fact, we just finished it tonight.  I suspected my eight-year-old would like it but I had no idea how my six-year-old would fall in love.  He told me tonight that when summer comes he is going to dig himself a house in the ground, nice and dry and comfortable, just like a hobbit hole.  Sounds good to me.

I asked him what he liked about the book and he said, “Well, I like the hobbit and the wizard and the dwarves and the elves and the dragon and the gold.  And the eagles and the bear and (small pause) I just like everything.”

The rest of the series is still a bit too mature and too dark for them, but what they have to look forward to!  On the advice of a friend, I tried what should I read next but of the several recommendations, we’ve read at least half (Narnia Chronicles) and the others I read before I had kids (Douglas Adams), and while I liked them, they are not appropriate for children.  Maybe the first Harry Potter?

This is part of Jennifer Fulwiler’s 7 Posts in 7 Days insanity so you can check out the other participants and look forward to more of my blather this week.


6 thoughts on “Gonna Dig a Hobbit Hole

  1. Dawn says:

    The Neverending Story?

    The Princess Bride!

    Alice in Wonderland??

    Look into ‘how to train your dragon’ or whatever. See if that’s any good. The story is good but I don’t know if the writing is.

    Look into Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series

    Look into Eoin Colfer-Artemis Fowl I’ve heard good things about both.

    Willow? (yeah I know – lots of movie/books tonight)

    Look into Eragon. Although it was written by a teenager, it says and is ‘heavily cliched’ and therefore probably not well written at all – it keeps coming up – both in my search and IRL – people like it.

    Ink Heart?

  2. Julie says:

    N.D. Wilson’s “100 Cupboards” series (#2 is Dandelion Fire and #3 is The Chestnut King). Might be a bit over the four-year-old’s head, but if your six-year-old can follow The Hobbit he can handle these. I think they’re about the level of the Narnia books. Have you read the Little House book? My boys liked those, even though it’s mostly about girls, as long as I skipped over any long sections (in the later books) about their dresses.

    Let’s see… my boys have loved:

    Homer Price (a classic, “42 pounds of edible fungus…”)
    Snow Treasure
    Charlotte’s Web / Stuart Little / Trumpet of the Swan
    James and the Giant Peach
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    The Mouse and the Motorcycle/Runaway Ralph/Ralph S. Mouse
    Ramona the Pest, etc.
    By the Great Horn Spoon
    Just So Stories
    The Series of Unfortunate Events (dark, but funny).
    The Great Brain books.
    The Great Turkey Walk
    We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea
    Half Magic
    Pippi Longstocking
    Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (and Fudge)

    Julie, who still reads books aloud to her 12, 15, and 17 year old 😀

    • Sara McDaren says:

      Oh, and isn’t reading aloud so nice! On days when school gets derailed, reading together is just the right fix.

      My eight-year-old is just becoming smooth enough for me to enjoy some of HIS reading to me!

      • Julie says:

        We all still enjoy sitting together in the evening and reading. The boys will usually do something – draw, or polish their boots – but we’re all together 😀 I love it that they still want to, at their ages.

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