More than one, fewer than four

That’s how many s’mores an individual should consume at a cookout.  And when it begins to thunder, quick grab the sweets and run to the house leaving everyone else to fetch and carry in the downpour.  They’ll forgive you as soon as they taste  oven-baked s’mores.

I’ve finished Book I of The Iliad and it has gotten more interesting, mostly because I’m reading it with one of my sisters who narrates everything she reads with a girl-from-the-hood interpretation and a New Yawk accent.  “So Hera is giving Zeus grief about doin’ favors for other women and he says, ‘Sit down woman ‘fore I crack ya.”  I tried to find someone to do an illustration of this version but I know surprisingly few people willing or able to draw Zeus in a wifebeater.

After the kids were in bed tonight, I volunteered to walk with my husband in the rain to lock up the chickens.  It was wild and black and electric and made me feel like I was about to jump off into certain freedom.  Lovely and fierce.

The creek had been beginning to take on its summer appearance – very tame, quite dry in spots.  After about two hours it  is now flooding its banks.  I think that’s a rise of four feet or more.   We’re going to have to do something about erosion.

Still fast and swollen this morning, but no longer overflowing its banks.

Still fast and swollen this morning, but no longer overflowing its banks.



3 thoughts on “More than one, fewer than four

  1. julie says:

    Gee, I might even like the Iliad with that kind of creative interpretation!

    I love wild and stormy nights… as long as I can be tucked into my warm, cozy house. But a walk in wild weather is invigorating 😀


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