Connections and Knitting

Have you ever visited a far away state and then when you get home you keep seeing license plates from that state?  I’ve been told it’s only because you’ve become more aware.  Maybe.  But I think that only means that those connections are always there and we just need to become aware of them.  It makes me emotional when I find a new-to-me author referencing a writer I already hold dear.  I get excited when a blogger I love loves another blogger I love.  The interconnectedness of things.  I  can’t explain it – sometimes there’s a feeling of supernatural specialness in the continuity of life, in history.

This week I read a book called Lotte’s Locket by Virginia Sorensen.  Nice children’s book – I enjoyed it.  It takes place in post-war Denmark.  The main character is a babyboomer.  I think she’d be in her sixties now.  Anyway, now every time I turn around there’s something about Denmark.  A book reference, a blog, a trivia question.  It makes me laugh and I wish someone else were in on the joke with me. IMG_5921 You know I homeschool my children, right?  And you know I ascribe to the philosophy and apply the methods of Charlotte Mason?  And you know that I have recently fallen in love with the writings of Elizabeth Zimmermann.  I never would have thought books about knitting could be so full of the special interconnectedness of things.  Today I was reading from her book Knitting Around and came across a connection so wonderful to me that I tried to share it with all the people around me – none of whom understood why I was shouting and flapping my arms.  Mrs. Zimmerman grew up in England in the early twentieth century and for a time was educated at home by governesses.

They both taught by the method of Charlotte Mason, who had some kind of a school and governess-training institution at Ambleside in the Lake District.

She goes on to explain exactly how she felt about what we call narrating, which is telling back in one’s own words the bit of literature one has just heard.  I’m sorry to say she seems to have enjoyed it about as much as my oldest child does.  But it doesn’t seem to have done her any harm.

But wait!  There’s more!  Mrs. Zimmerman also lived for a short time in the very neighborhood I grew up in.  In fact, I believe my grandmother raised her family just around the corner from where Elizabeth and her husband rented the attic of an old house.  Of course my grandmother was married in 1949, eight years after the Zimmerman’s left that place.

I was knitting my first sweater and the dog ate it.  Yes, it’s true.  I was using inexpensive yarn as a test run and that’s probably what saved the dog’s life that day.  Since then I’ve been futzing around with different things trying to see what I feel like doing.  A woman at homeschool co-op gifted me some truly lovely things from her stash.  Not enough of any one thing for a big project but enough of each to indulge in a little soothing yarn therapy.  I really want to do something in the round right now so I’ve been retiring to bed early to read and to try to figure out a circular shawl.  And you know what that means – the dreaded Double Pointed Needles of Doom.  I’ve already frogged back started over several times – once after already starting on the circulars.  Le sigh.

starting over again

starting over again

So, that’s my rambling contribution to Ginny’s Yarn Along.  You should go see what some of the other people are rambling about.


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