The Best of Times


a shared chocolate mousse moose cake

We got bees acomin'!

We got bees acomin’!


planning the last six weeks of school

hammering home the basics

hammering home the basics

Easter craftiness

Easter craftiness

Some people start their new year on January first, while others think the start of the school year in September is more logical.  For me, the beginning of new things is obviously spring – new projects, new homes, new plans generally start then.  And I’m blessed to have been born at the best of times, during the rebirth of the earth  – or at least of the northern hemisphere.  The light is changing, the mud is here, and it only snowed once this week – thank God.


5 thoughts on “The Best of Times

    • Sara McDaren says:

      Yes, I think I qualify as a woman of a certain age now.

      The cake came about because I wanted a chocolate mousse cake and my 7 turning 8 year old didn’t know what that meant but thought it sounded cool. So we shared a cake and it was goooooooood. 🙂

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