Chicks, Bees and Preachy Preachy

There’s snow today.  I picked up 32 chicks yesterday:  20 cornish cross for meat, 6 rhode island reds and 6 ameraucanas for eggs.  The heat lamps are on them but in these temps, I’m still worried.  They’re in their own stalls in a former dog kennel inside the barn.  It’s pretty snug, but I’ll go add some kind of wrap around the stalls in a little while for my own peace of mind.

I also don’t know what this sudden drop in temperature means for the bees.  I assume they’ll just hunker down for the day, staying in the center of the hive to keep warm.  I’ll top off the sugar water later.

I don’t know why I’ve been so blessed.  I have everything I’ve ever asked for though it doesn’t all look like what I thought it would.

When I realized that life is good, I also learned that it is short.  Friends and relations gone and scattered, bridges burned, and no going back.  I’m not sure what my point is.  Call your mother.  Play checkers with your kids.  Smile at your husband.  Forgive.  Be happy whenever you can.  Do something inconvenient to make someone happy.


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