Mayonnaise and the Ingrates

As my husband was recently throwing together a quick lunch of tunafish sandwiches for the five of us he encountered a problem.


The cans of tuna were already opened.

I guess he missed the writing on the wall.

grocery list

What to do?  What to do?  a little lemon and pepper?  A white bean and tuna salad?

I made some mayonnaise.  To me, it seemed magical – an egg, mustard, some oil, an acid (I used lime juice because it’s what I had in the house), a pinch of salt – and it became something else!  Even better, instead of just being some white stuff we use to make our food a little less dry, it actually tasted good.

My kids wouldn’t even try it until I muttered a good deal about how they wouldn’t know good food if it jumped up and bit them.  I swear if they had a choice between filet mignon and  boxed mac & cheese, they’d take the orange powder. Not that they’ve ever had filet mignon because when we had kids we had to choose between keeping them and eating beef of the unground variety.  But that’s OK – I’d rather eat casserole at home with them than steak at Smith & Wollensky without them – usually.

Well, eventually they ate the tuna with the domestic mayo.  They even managed to offer polite constructive criticism, which was mostly about not using lime juice.

So… ketchup next?




2 thoughts on “Mayonnaise and the Ingrates

    • Sara McDaren says:

      The flavor was a little unusual, but kind of nice. You sort of have to judge the flavor on its own merits rather than comparing it too closely with store stuff. Using white wine vinegar or white vinegar probably would make something more like what we’re used to.

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