Postcards from the Beach

I’m beginning to feel a little self-conscious sharing all these childish attempts at… what?  Expression?  Art?  I’m told it’s about the process and not just the product.  Will somebody please make me feel better by sharing something you’re not good at but still love to do?



My husband says this next one must be a self-portrait because he’d recognize me anywhere.  But she actually has much nicer feet than I do.




4 thoughts on “Postcards from the Beach

  1. Josée says:

    Your art is lovely! We all have to start somewhere, you will improve with practice, but don’t get discouraged by comparing yourself to others…everyone had to start at the beginning! Keep a critical eye on you art and work on building your skills, but enjoy the freedom of expressing yourself…not everyone has the courage to put themselves out there! Keep posting!

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