People see beauty and, in one way or another, want to own it.  That desire manifests itself in me in the longing to create.  A translucent  green sea, a delicately beaded gown, a cozy quilt, , the sparkle of jewels, the veins of a leaf, almond shaped eyes, plump, round limbs, sunlight across a warm wooden floor, a paragraph that expresses  frailty and love in a way that makes people nod their heads and say, “Yes, that’s it exactly!”

You will NEVER guess.

You will NEVER guess.


Beauty doesn’t always inspire the longing to create and the longing to create isn’t always inspired by beauty.  That’s just the way it is with me.

I’d like to be able to draw, not an apple, but this apple.  Not a cup, but this cup.  Not a woman, but Dawn or Anita or Julie and have people say “That is so like her!”  I’m not talking about validation of my ability, though that is very nice, but of being able to “speak” to people – to make people FEEL.

It’s because of that desire that I find my current lack of skills annoying.  Not discouraging or frustrating, because they are, I think LEARNABLE skills, but just temporarily disappointing.

So let me end by saying:  I’m sorry Patti.




9 thoughts on “G-L-O-R-I-A

  1. Josée says:

    I love your description of your process…I totally relate to the frustration of not having the skills to represent what it is I ma trying to say…it’s hard work to learn, but it is doable and so satisfying once you can express what it is you were trying to express…enjoy the journey…I’m on that same journey!

    • Sara McDaren says:

      Yes, it’s like learning a foreign language – difficult but doable.

      I was looking through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain last night and came across a side-by-side comparison of two of Van Gogh’s drawings and the progress he made over just a couple of years and I thought, if Van Gogh can make those kinds of mistakes, there’s no shame in it.

      • Josée says:

        YES!!! mistakes or “failures” only mean you are learning…people who make tons of mistakes learn A LOT!!! I think its such a shame that somewhere along the line we are taught that only perfection is “good” and “failures” are bad…failures are needed to teach us… 🙂

  2. anitvan says:

    As beings made in the image of the Creator, I guess it’s not so surprising that we have a longing to create as well.

    A few years back, I worked on a video shoot, doing the nails for the models. I worked alongside a professional hairstylist who took care of the girls’ hair and makeup. I don’t know why, but I felt like such a fraud; me, the wannabe amateur working beside this pro. She and I got to talking and I confessed that I felt a little intimidated and she chided me for it. She encouraged me to think of it as “my art” and to embrace each and every creation, flaws and all.

    I love that you are finding ways that you enjoy to express yourself creatively!

  3. Julie says:

    Whoa, that really does look like her! I admire you for keeping learning. There’s a whole world of people who want to BE good at something, but not nearly so many willing to BECOME good at it.

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