Christmas Egg

I’m about to ramble on about chickens and chicken eggs.  Read it just to make me happy.


bluish egg top middle; store egg bottom middle


“They” told me not to try to buy Ameraucana chickens from a hatchery because they won’t be purebred.  That’s just crazy because a business that makes its money breeding and selling chickens should be able to pull off some purebreds.  But what do I know.

Apparently, the “Ameraucanas” you’ll get from a hatchery will nearly always be the so-called “Easter Eggers” which is a mongrel of unknown mix, probably having some Ameraucana heritage.  That might be fine if all you’re looking for is a chicken that will lay a blue or green egg, but you can’t tell exactly what you’re getting or exactly what they’ll lay.  Yeah, I bought ’em from a hatchery anyway.

First of all, I ordered six pullets, but they must be really hard to sex, because I got an even split of pullets and cockerels.  I picked up the chicks in April and by my calculations they should have started laying in August or September, but we got our first blue-ish egg on Christmas Eve.  We’ve gotten one more since then.

I did a great big girly squeal when my husband came in from locking the birds up for the night, telling me he had good news as he held it out to me.  So, they didn’t talk, but they gave us a pretty egg.


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