Get Glasses, Alice*

Today’s a big day.  My vision insurance kicked in on the first and I was finally able to get an appointment with an eye doctor.  I broke an arm off my glasses back in September or October and have been using Gorilla tape to hold it on for months.  The tape finally gave out just before Christmas and the world has been blurry since.

I made a little beret from some gorgeous Malabrigo yarn that was gifted to me about a year ago.  It was so luxurious to work with.  My ravelry notes are here.  (I think you have to sign in to see.)


Yeah, it's blurry.  Welcome to my world.

Yeah, it’s blurry. Welcome to my world.

I made some of these birdies with the leftovers.  I learned a couple of new techniques from these and practiced a few I was shaky on. They are such a small, quick project which made it easy to rip back mistakes without crying.  I did three of them and, along the way, I began to learn to be calm in the face of split stitches, needles that fly out,  and fiddly little bits.  And they’re so cute!

beneath this snowy mantle cold and clean...

beneath this snowy mantle cold and clean…

I’ve done some drawing exercises.  Some hands.  A chair.  Ho hum.  See, what happened is, I told myself I should draw and now my self is rebelling.  It’s perverse the way my brain won’t do what it’s told even when my brain is the one telling my brain what to do.

I spent yesterday cleaning out the school room which had become a dumping ground during the Star Wars marathon we called Christmas break.  Back to school tomorrow – let the whining begin!

I don’t want to end with that.  Here’s a gratuitous kitty cat picture.

Snoopy & twangy guitar

Snoopy & the twangy guitar

*I tried to find a link to the old commercial about Alice getting glasses, but no luck.

ETA:  Found it!  a local ad in NYC I believe.  Explains why nunya heard of it before.


8 thoughts on “Get Glasses, Alice*

  1. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh, that ad… I’d say “It’s SO NEW YORK!” but I’m only guessing. HA HA HA!

    But wow! Great job with the knitting! that hat is awesome, and you look great! One of my Sunday school kid’s moms knit me a Christmas ornament – so cute! Apparently these two Norwegian men create knitting patterns that she loves. Anyway, I’m rambling. But so glad you’re getting new glasses!

    • Sara McDaren says:

      Y’know, it’s an ad I grew up with and I never, ever realized how totally regional it is!

      Thank you for the compliments! If you ever get the name of the pattern writers let me know, though I suspect Norwegian knitting may be beyond me.

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