My Time Management Is Terrible & Crochet Heart

Yesterday I had the unusual experience of having enough hours in the day.  School, laundry, meals, tidying up, undecorating the tree, even a walk outside with the children all got done.

I was trying to figure out what desperately important thing I’d forgotten to do and just couldn’t come up with anything until bedtime.  That’s when I realized I hadn’t tried to make anything other than dinner and after that’s consumed you have little to show for it  – like sand art!

Gilmore Girls kept me company while I tried to knit a sock.  Only after going several rounds on double pointed needles did I realize the yarn I was using is too thin for anything but lace.

There are no photos because I was so involved in the actual doing of things I forgot to document the things.  Here’s a crocheted heart I made a couple of weeks ago from Bella Dia.



7 thoughts on “My Time Management Is Terrible & Crochet Heart

  1. Dawn says:

    That’s so funny! I was thinking of making some more of the Bella Dia hearts! They’re so cute!

    I found my old DK weight snowflakes. I have to make some thread ones after seeing your beautiful flakes hanging up!

  2. anitvan says:

    I did learn the basics of crocheting from the grandmother of a friend when I was maybe 12 or 13. I could do a basic little granny square but i never made it to learning how to finish it!

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