Even Children Get Older

I was looking back at some of my old, old stuff and it seems like it took a year or two of writing here before I started occasionally putting together words that don’t make me cringe to re-read them now.

But THIS from 2009 made me laugh out loud.  I had three kids four years old and under, one of whom was a newborn, at the time.

hoo hoo hoo hoo hoooooooo.  What’s that?  The noise my kids are making as they march around the living room.  Let’s see, it’s twenty after eight, so that means we only have about eleven more hours of incessant, unnecessary noise.  I am way too frustrated to be writing today.  The sick cat is looking for a place other than the litter box to pee; the baby just spit up on the couch; I’m still in my pajamas; I can’t remember if I took my blood pressure medicine.

Life has gotten a lot easier.  Who knew?


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